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A Much Better Marriage

We completed our weekend in Sept 94. You can checkout the home page. Retrouvaille is a special program for marriages in trouble. The program works! Retrouvaille saved our marriage and gave us the tools we both needed to stay happily married. We highly recommend it!

When we attended we BOTH thought there was no hope of us staying together. We were both loaded with pain and hurt feelings. We had so many unresolved issues that not a day would go by without some sort of arguing, bickering, or fighting. We were even fighting on drive to the hotel where it was held, and were not very confident that we could even complete the weekend let alone save our marriage. The only reason we had agreed to this one last chance was because of our two small children who we both love dearly. We can't begin to tell you important that weekend turned out to be. It was almost unbelieveable how quickly everything changed for us.

After the program we were able to reconcile and now have a much better marriage and continue to use the methods we learned at Retrouvaille to keep it from ever getting so troubled again.

There is a very high percentage of couples(70-80%) that are able to regain the love, trust, and respect that is so vital to a healthy marriage. The program will change your life!

Jim & MaryJane

Or call 1-800-470-2230 in the United States